Chervonogradsky steel plant is the only manufacturer to date welded grating on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the only manufacturer in the CIS nastilapolnogo cycle.

What this means?

We buy rolls of sheet metal and produce themselves all further operations.

What gives the customer?
  • High quality, because there is no any third-party manufacturers;

  • Deadlines of manufacturing;

  • Ability to manufacture any custom decking;

  • Production in the short term any accessories to the bars - different types of fixtures, frames, etc.

  • low cost products.

In our factory installed two automatic lines for the production of welded grating - Austrian and German EVG AllGitter. Overall performance of the two lines - 1000 tons per month grating. Preparation area is equipped with metal slitting line from the Austrian company Andritz and the line for the production of woven wire. To produce complex cutouts and openings in gratings used gantry CNC cutting system «ESAB Suprarex».

Also Chervonogradsky steel plant alone produces sidewalls for steps, anti-slip perforated corner grating, standard fasteners, hook fastening, any type of frame.

All products of our company manufactured according to European standards DIN 24537-1, DIN 24531-1, RAL-GZ 638, hot dip galvanizing is carried out according to GOST 9.307-89, ISO 1461:2009.

Therefore ordering products from us you get the goods on the European quality Ukrainian prices. The high quality products is that Chervonogradsky steel plant is the undisputed leader in supplying grating inside Ukraine, almost out of the market products manufactured in Europe and is among the three largest suppliers of flooring in the CIS, along with German and Polish manufacturers.