quality installation of metal structures - an important stage of construction, which largely determines the properties of structures such as appearance, robust construction, easy operation ...

Chervonogradsky steel plant - venture with a major engineering and technical training. For us, the installation of metal not only to the production of additional service and separate business, which we do professionally.

Our factory has all the necessary equipment and tools (surveying, plumbing, rigging, welding, etc.) to carry out the installation in difficult conditions. Implementation of the installation work is done by different types of crane mechanisms depending on the conditions in which the installation is carried out - mobile cranes, tower cranes, diesel-electric cranes "ICG-25» ...


  • Industrial facilities;

  • Industrial and commercial premises;

  • Logistics and entertainment centers;

  • Lung prefabricated buildings;

  • silos and hoppers for bulk materials;

  • Ladders any complexity (including the use of gratings own production).

what we can offer ZAKAZHCHIKU the word «QUALITY INSTALLATION» ?


  • Drafting and approval with the customer and other contractors (if any) a detailed schedule installation of structures;

  • Production and coordination of the project with the customer about the production works;

  • Insurance in case of need all construction risks in favor of the customer or the specified construction their organization;

  • Preparation and equipment construction site all the necessary permits for personnel performing work;

  • Preparation of documents on the protection of labor on the construction site;

  • Deploying the construction site, its equipment hoisting machines, household premises for workers and engineering and technical personnel, necessary tool.

Installation works

  • construction activities engaged only trained and qualified installers who have experience in this kind of work;

  • All the construction on site present engineering and technical personnel responsible for the installation and maintenance of the observation, the quality of work, compliance with construction schedule, safety standards and safety . Also superintendents shall ensure that installation is carried out strictly in accordance with the technical documentation and building regulations in force, if necessary, deal with issues harmonization of technical issues are magazines and papers, etc. Construction site compulsorily equipped with electronic communication, so document occurs as quickly as possible;

  • Construction lifting equipment, which is used on the site is mandatory passport passing inspection. Installers, as well as workers doing rigging and truss work are appropriate certificate for work with hoisting machines.

The final stage of the work and commissioning of the object

  • Excision of minor mechanical defects corrosion protection of steel structures that might occur during installation work;

  • with the client and representatives of copyright and Technical Supervision Inspectorate facility and eliminate any comments, if any;

  • Letting customer set construction and technical documentation in accordance with SNIP 2650094. Detailed list of documents, which is mandatory for customer issued forth below;

  • Cleaning construction site and its release from the art, hut, tools, etc.;

  • Drafting and signing of the act of performed installation work.

All of these procedures are the most imperceptible to the customer of construction, confirming our basic credo - we build without creating unnecessary problems. Our clients can rest easy - entrusting us work, construction will be carried out professionally, reliably and completed within a specified time.


List of documents in accordance with BC, which necessarily issued the customer with the end of construction.


Offering customer service installation of metal we have a wealth of experience behind the constructed objects of any complexity and focus - from the simple to the most complex industrial warehouse facilities

Среди наших последних объектов, смонтированных в 2011-2013 гг :
Czmk assembling 1
3 000 т

Завод по переработке подсолнечных культур  «ЧП Олияр»  во Львовской области.

Czmk assembling 2
405 т

Торгово-развлекательный комплекс  «Таврия-В»  по ул. Зубровской, 38.

Czmk assembling 3
250 т

Завод по производству абразивных материалов  «Klingspor»  в г. Великие Мосты.

Czmk assembling 4
405 т

Владимир–Волынская птицефабрика  во Львове (склад комбикормов и этажерка).

Czmk assembling 5
500 т

Новая линия завода по производству сухих строительных смесей «Ферозит»  (г. Львов).

Czmk assembling 6
55 т

Реконструкция проходного коллектора Деснянского водогона  в г. Киеве.

Czmk assembling 7
320 т

Строительство завода горячего цинкованияt «Полимекс–Мостосталь Украина»  в г. Житомире.

Czmk assembling 8
240 т

Строительство I и II очередей завода по пошиву автомобильных чехлов «Bader Украина» .

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