Chervonogradsky steel plant operating since 1969. In Soviet times, from metal plant were built almost all mines Lvov-Volyn coal basin, the largest at the time in Central and Eastern Europe, coal processing factory, metal factory shipped to the Middle East, in particular the construction of the Aswan Dam.

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Since 2003, the plant is included in group Polimex-Mostostal (Poland, Warsaw) - one of the largest construction companies in Poland, which possesses the most modern factories of metal in Europe.


Since 2005, the factory passed update 90% of the park equipment, installed modern lines and metalworking CNC machines from manufacturers - Ficep, Esab, Koike Sanso Kogyo Co, Schlick and others.

also improved manufacturing processes at each stage of production, changed the system of quality control, completely redesigned system corrosion protection of steel structures.

today, we offer customers the full range of services in the construction of metal - from design to installation of the building. Moreover, each of the steps we do professionally.


In addition, since 2003 began production of welded grating standards DIN 24531-1, DIN 24537-1. After 10 years, our factory is the only manufacturer of this type of decking in Ukraine, almost surpassing the market grilles manufactured in Europe. During this time we have become the undisputed market leader in the gratings in Ukraine, and also includes the three largest suppliers of cellular arrays to the Russian market.

implementing the development plan, in 2012 started the production of molded grating.

To date, the production capacity is 1,000 tons


To better serve customers, and to meet the full needs of our customers since 2005 Chervonogradsky steel plant provides installation services metal structures.

more detail about each of the products CHZMK, you can read the relevant section of our site.

Regardless of the type of product, order quantity and other factors, in our work we stick to one main for each employee CHZMK rules - customer is always right.